Behind the lens


Behind the lens:

Who are these clowns?

Hello, I’m April! Jon and I make up Snap it Vintage along with our offspring and crabby Labrador. We love Mercury coffee! Have you had some?! You should! Art is just our thing rather we are at the park, beach or simply just daydreaming… I dream of Italian summers¬†and he dreams of the Hollywood lifestyle.

He has worked with some top chart hitters in the music industry and has a knack for production. I am a slave in the kitchen running around like a long neck goose chasing after thing 1 and thing 2. As a married couple we value connection. You know, the deep, life long, I’m so glad to see you, I’d do anything for you type of connections. We love dinner parties, relaxing music and great conversation! We often think we belong in Europe.

We find art as a necessity to breathe a life of harmony, to connect with the world around us in ways that make you feel alive. To capture the moments that seem so fleeting as our treasures grow overnight. To find purpose in our art to inspire, lead, become, capture, rest and restore. It’s who we are, and when we aren’t… life feels a little bit smaller.

So go sing in your favorite dress on that tree branch in the wilderness, submit that film idea to investors and make a huge mess baking your first Christmas cookies… live life BIG!

GO in confidence to your true self with the glimmer in your soul!